1917 (2019)

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1917 is an exceptional achievement in the film industry. The movie has raised the direction levels in the industry. The movie has also been nominated for oscar and has got Golden Globe award for Best Motion Picture- Drama. This is indeed a worth watching movie. Here are the other details of the movie-

Release Date

The 1917 movie will get released on 17th January 2020 in India. In US it got released on 25th December 2019, while UK was able to watch it after 10th January 2020.

Cast of 1917

The movie is directed by Sam Mendes, which has made him into the list of top directors. The movie has amazing cinematography, which has been done by Roger Deakins. Dean Charles Chapman and George Mackay played lead roles in the movie and gave an excellent performance. They played the main two soldiers on whom this story is based on. Along with that, the movie had a cameo row of British actors, including Andrew Scott, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Richard Madden, who won hearts with their short stints.

Plot of 1917

The movie is based on the story of two soldiers who got an important mission to complete. The mission is almost near to impossible, but the story is about how they manage to make it possible out of all difficulties. These two british soldiers will need to deliver the message in the given time period fighting all obstacles to save the 1600 soldiers of battalion which are trapped by the German Army. The best thing about the 1917 movie is that it has been shot like if it was shot in just a single take. The story of this movie keeps you engaged all the time.

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