Bad Boys for Life (2020)

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For all the movie lovers, watching Will Smith on big screen is nothing but a feeling of joy and satisfaction. Whenever big stars come all together on screen, the level of happiness of all the fans go to another level totally. And since the new movie Bad Boys for life is coming to you, everyone is expecting nothing but the best. Everyone has got big expectations from the film as it has got some big names associated like Will Smith, Vanessa Hudgens and Martin Lawrence. The movie is totally going to amaze us in many ways and is for sure one of the most awaited films ever.

Release date of Bad boys for Life

For all those fans waiting for this movie to get released, you have to wait till 17th January 2020 as the movie is going to get released with a big budget of $90,000,000. The run time of the movie will be for 124 minutes approx.

Cast of Bad boys for Life

The cast of the movie covers so many brilliant actors and actresses we have in this industry. The cast includes Will Smith, Vanessa Hudgen, Martin Lawrence, Charles Melton, Nicky Jam, Jacob Scipio, DJ Khalid, Happy Anderson, Dennis Mcdonald, Bianca Bethune, Joe Pantoliano Theresa Randle and Paola Nunez.

Movie plot of Bad boys for life

Talking about the storyline, it is about two young man Marcus and Mike (after spending 25 years together) who are going through career changes and midlife crises and they have joined the elite team AMMO of Miami police department. It contains deaths, destructions, drama and revelations.

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