Charlie’s angel (2019)

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The movie Charlie’s Angel is about the group of women who are brave and very fast. The movie is about the adventure and excitement and is also from comedy genre. The cast of Charlie’s angel has many well established actors which makes it exciting to see them.

Release date of Charlie’s angel

The genre of the movie is action and adventure which is loved by the kids mostly. Hence, the release date has been finalized keeping in mind the same. The release date of the movie is 14th November, 2019. Talking about the runtime of the movie, it is about 118 minutes and the movie will be shown on disc by 10th March, 2020.

Cast of Charlie’s angel

The cast of the movie includes Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Elizabeth Banks, Patrick Stewart, Nat faxon, Chris Pang, Sam Claflin, Djimon Hounsou, David Schutter, Hannah Hoekstrah and etc.

Story Plot of Charlie’s angel

If we talk about the story plot of the movie, then It is about the leading characters, Sabina Wilson, Jane Kano and Elena Houghlin who are working for some mysterious Charles Townsend and the security and the investigative agency will get expanded in the movie. They are known as the bravest, smartest and trained women ans now they are a team of angels which is guided by Bosley’s. The screenplay is by Elizabeth Banks taken from the story by David aubum and Evan spiliotopoulos. The director of the movie has tried their best to focus on the making the next generation of fearless Charlie’s angels look brave.

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