Knives Out (2019)

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One of the most entertaining movie of 2019 was Knives out. The movie is not just the mystery, instead, you would find it making a social comment on the present situation of America. The movie is thrilling and full of mystery which would amaze you at every scene. Its something which you would think that you have solved the puzzle already, but later would realize that there is always something more that you left to count. It has been nominated as well for various awards in Academy awards.

Release Date of Knives Out

Knives out movie got released on 29th November 2019 in India.

Cast of Knives Out

This movie is written and directed by Rian Johnson. Daniel Craig has played Benoit Blanc in it. Chris Evans played the role of Ransom Robinson. Ana de Armas was Marta in this suspense movie. Jamie Lee Curtis has done the role of Linda Robinson. Michael Shannon played Walt Thrombrey. Don Johnson. Toni Collette. as Joni. LaKeith Stanfield can be seen in the movie.

Plot of Knives Out

The movie is about the mystery of the untimely death of a renown crime novelist Harlan Thrombey. He dies at his 85th birthday. To solve the mystery  Detective Benoit Blanc comes at his house and investigates the murder mystery. He questions all his family members to servants to find out the actual killer. There are many lies that he has to uncover in the movie. This is definitely a worth watching movie.


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